The Most Important Emotional Needs

what are the most important emotional needsHere we continue our previous article

In our previous article, we listed the most important emotional needs. However, this is like a three card trick being played on us by God. The 10 needs listed are the most important needs however it probably won’t surprise you to find out that the needs a man and woman have are different.

Let’s reorganise the 10 needs here into a list for men and women.

Men Women
Sexual Fulfillment Affection
Recreational Companionship Intimate Conversation
Physical Attractiveness Honesty & Openness
Domestic Support Financial Support
Admiration Family Commitment

Some of you might be quite upset by this. Just be aware there are no hard and fast rules and there may well be some Males who identify with needs on the female list and vice-versa. You also may consider some other need to be more important or you may consider some of the needs to be sexist. These lists were derived by Dr Harley from countless surveys of couples in his business and they are the most common needs identified.

More coming about these….

Originally posted 2018-02-26 18:37:48.