The Energy Fields of the Not-Useful Emotions

Keep in mind, we’re going to go through the CORE Technique for resolving incomplete experiences, and we’re going to learn the SEE Technique to resolve reactive emotional energies. The energy fields of incomplete experiences and reactive emotions are completely different from one another. You are going to learn how use the SEE Technique to resolve the energy fields of reactive emotions and the CORE Technique to resolve the energy fields of incomplete experiences.

The SEE Technique

SEE technique energies tend to be like a cloud or aura of energy that radiates out from the body into the space around you. The energy has a kind of cloud-like field that engulfs you, and you are looking out through the energy field, similar to wearing dark glasses. It colors and shades everything you see, making your distorted perception appear very real. But it’s not real. It’s an energy that may seem real, but this energy is the result of a story about something that doesn’t actually exist.

rejection aura


Looking out through this energy field certainly makes our stories seem very real. The reason they feels so real is because we’re trapped inside that energy field, looking out at the world.

To vaporize this field, we must learn how to take our awareness out beyond the outer edge. The moment we cross over the outer edge of that energy field into the surrounding quietness, we extract ourselves from the seeming reality of the story and the resulting emotional reaction. No longer tied to the story, the energy of the reaction has nothing left to feed on, and it rapidly begins to shrink and fade away.

The experience of that surrounding quietness is the direct experience of your own awareness. This experience is called Pure Awareness, because it is essentially an rejection auraawareness that is aware of only itself. There are no thoughts, no perceptions, no objects of experience, just pure silent awareness. It’s a nice place to hang out, actually!

¬†Because your awareness is the essential nature of what you truly are, the experience that your story is generating and your emotional reaction to that story can’t continue seeming real once you choose to stop creating them. Once you make this choice, both the story and the emotional reaction begin to fade away. When you look back and see that the story is nothing more than a product of your imagination, you can easily see that the story itself is not relevant, not helpful, and not a good investment of your life energy.

This outlook makes it easy to ‘unplug the power cord’, so to speak, and stop feeding energy into your story. When there’s no story, the negative emotional energy simply fades away, since the energy was simply a reaction to the story. When the energy and the story have collapsed back into the nothingness from which you created them, then the problem is gone, never to return. At this point, you’ve extracted yourself from both the story and the energy field that previously seemed so real. It’s like turning on the lights and banishing the darkness; both the story and the associated negative energy have nowhere left to hide.

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