Rejection in Romantic Relationships

romantic relationships happy coupleIn this section, our purpose is to discuss and explore rejection in Romantic Relationships and offer some solutions as to what can be done to resolve them.

It is estimated that Marriage Counseling fails 38% of the time with divorce in 4 years. Further 25% of couple report that counseling left them worse off than before! With statistics that bleak, what is the solution? Why are the statistics so bad? What do they reveal?

Current statistics are that 50% of marriages end in divorce with failure rates higher for subsequent marriages. Often we are too focussed on finding the right person whereas we would do much better if we focused on being the right person.

There are many reasons people go to marriage counseling. Sometimes they have waited so long they want to just give it one more ‘try’ before throwing in the towel and getting a divorce. Sometimes it’s to placate someone else and so they can say ‘well we tried’. Sometimes if there is domestic violence in the situation, the best thing is to get out of that situation immediately! If your children are in danger, get out! Some marriages can’t be saved.

Originally posted 2018-09-09 21:28:22.