Reactive Emotions

Reactive emotions are further subdivided into two categories as well: expectations and projections.

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Reactive emotions are emotional reactions to stories that you make up in your mind. They occur when you fabricate stories to explain things, and then have a reaction to the story you’ve told yourself. These emotional reactions and the stories themselves are self-created, and are typically about things that don’t even exist anywhere other than in your mind.

For example, when we expect something to occur in a certain way, and it doesn’t unfold according to our expectations, we may choose to feel disappointed, upset, angry, sad, or frustrated. Conversely, we may want something not to occur, but it does anyway. Either way, when our expectations are not met, we tend to have an emotional reaction, and the energy of our reaction radiates out into the space around us, creating a big cloud or aura engulfing and consuming us.

The other subcategory of not useful emotions in the reactive section includes projections. Projections of possible negative outcomes onto the future can create the non-useful emotions of fear, anxiety, worry and even hyper-vigilance.

All of these emotions occur when we project the possibility of some kind of negative outcome onto the future. Anticipating a negative outcome produces a reaction of fear that something will happen that we can’t handle, or that will emotionally overwhelm us.

Even if we intellectually understand that we are making up a story about something in the future, this doesn’t eliminate our fear. We still fear that a person will say no, and that we will feel the negative emotions associated with the resulting rejection. It’s as if there’s no train actually coming, and we are not even standing on the tracks. We’re just making up a story that the train is coming, and then feeling the same fear that we would if this were to actually occur.

The technique for resolving this whole category of reactive emotions is called the SEE Technique. SEE is an acronym for Side Entrance Expansion, and all forms of reactive emotions can be vaporized using the SEE technique.

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