Incomplete Experiences

The other major category of not-useful emotions is called Incomplete Experiences. An Incomplete Experience occurs when we have an experience that’s too much for us to process; we can’t complete it. These emotional energies are commonly the result of traumatic or painful experiences. When the energy is just too much for us, and we can’t process the experience properly, that negative energy remains in the body.

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The body produces the energy of the negative emotion, and we’re simultaneously moving away from it as fast as we possibly can. This is the kind of energy that produces nightmares, flashbacks and startle-response, which in their extreme forms are the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). We see this a lot with military veterans, but other people like rape victims, victims of violent crime, victims of a natural disaster and other traumatic experiences tend to suffer these effects as well.

It doesn’t take a natural disaster, crime or rape in order to be traumatized. You can be emotionally traumatized as a kid by hearing that you aren’t going to get the bicycle you wanted, and being unable to properly process the experience. You are told ‘NO!’ you can’t have it, or you wanted to visit your friend and you are told ‘NO!’ you can’t go. When the goal or desire is deep seated, and you’re told ‘NO’, this can produce a deep hurt that never heals properly. It is still there inside of you, much like trauma or unresolved emotional pain.

Everyone seems to have a database of old, incomplete, traumatic experiences held in the body from being told ‘NO’ when it was something we really wanted to do, be or have. When you didn’t get what you desperately wanted, and you were unable to properly deal with the experience, this can create a deep hurt, which is similar in effect to trauma.

The technique for resolving these incomplete experiences is called the CORE Technique. CORE is an acronym for Center Of Remaining Energy, and it’s a perfect description of the technique. The CORE technique is incredibly effective for resolving the old emotional pain of incomplete experiences.

Both the SEE and CORE Technique are new and profoundly different than any other techniques you may have seen, probably because the new field of Human Software Engineering and the insights of The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning have led directly to the development of these new techniques.

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