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It is now possible, for the first time, to learn how to do the exact opposite of what we have been deeply emotionally conditioned to do. Our conditioning is to avoid negative emotional energy, or to try and repress it, dissociate from it, or collapse into it and be swept away into catharsis. Instead of perpetuating these old ineffective habits that cause us to stay mired in negative emotional energy, we can learn how to dive right into the center of our emotion and to complete it (CORE), or go out beyond the outer edges of this negative energy and extract ourselves from the reactive energy field (SEE).

Top performers in sales, and in life, are emotionally competent, and if we are going to upgrade emotional competence to match their effectiveness, it’s going to take a little training.

What we are going to do is very similar to running antivirus software on ourselves in an effort to purge our fear of feeling rejected when being told ‘NO’.

People who don’t have a problem with being told ‘NO’ will tell you all you have to do is ‘not take it personally.’ But the great majority of us do take it personally. This is because when someone tells us ‘NO’ to something that is important to us, due to the unresolved traumatic energy of the old ‘NO’ experiences from our youth.

We take it personally because it is personal. It is personal because we all have personal unresolved emotional pain deep inside of us. No wonder we take ‘NO’ personally! There’s a deep personal hurt in there that we don’t want to have to push up against and feel, so we do our best to avoid situations that might trigger those feelings.

One nice thing about learning the new techniques that I’m going to teach you in these articles is that these skills will continue to enrich and enhance your emotional competence in all areas of your life, now and in the future.

How can I say this so confidently? Because we performed a study to test these techniques, and the results were enlightening. We took a group of eight civilians suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and put them through a six-hour training to teach them how to resolve the energy causing their symptoms. This was a one-day, six hour training with no individual sessions, just group training.

We had a 63% overall symptom severity reduction at the end of six hours, and a week later it went down to 73%, indicating that not only do the results last, but they improve over time. Here’s a graphic summary of our study:

rejection training results






One important distinction is the difference between the content and the energy of an emotion. We can name the emotion because we experience the pattern or quality of its energy.

Anger feels different than joy, fear feels different than jealousy, and sorrow feels different than fear. What we feel is the energy that gives life to the emotion, while the emotion itself will be rooted in specific content. This content will either be the experience associated with an incomplete experience, or the story we’re making up to justify an emotion, and the resulting emotional reaction to that story generates the emotional energy.

We want to focus on the energy, since when the energy is gone, there is nothing left to fuel the emotion; it flattens out, dissipates, and it’s gone for good – Vaporized!

 rejection training results

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